Acrylic Circle – 850mm



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Acrylic Circles are perfect for welcoming your guests to that special event, or as a backdrop for photos with added balloons or flowers.  They can also be attached to a wall or hang with fishing line.

The pictured colours can only be a guide as they are NOT a precise representation.

Please take care of your acrylic.
DO NOT use windex DO NOT use any spray cleaner
DO NOT use isopropal
DO NOT use Metholated spirits to clean or remove gum backed stickers from the acrylic.

All the above products will CRACK and CRAZE your acrylic. Clean with a damp cloth with WATER ONLY.  Or if you need to clean sticky residue use WD40.  Spray and leave a few hours, then remove residue with a soft cloth.

Additional information

Weight 100000 g